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I (Sal) was able to attend my first July event for awhile. On Saturday, July 12th of 2008, we had the them "July Cookout" (BBQ). We roasted hot dogs, which we had chips and watermelon to go with it. There were some visitors from St. Cloud (Masters Commission) helping out. We had about 10 guests, 10 volunteers, and 5 staff in this beautiful (windy) day! It was a busy day as Prairie Pioneer Day was this weekend!

{2008 Photo Gallery}

Below are the different activities (not in order) we did throughout the day.

-Arts&Crafts: Fishing Boat
clients and volunteers too made styrofoam boats with colorful construction paper on straws as make-shift sails (see down below)


-Activity: Water Balloon Catapult War

Onlookers (including park security) stay in a safe distance to watch the water balloon war.

Tim (youth pastor of Hossana Worship Center) gave an invitation (see more on salvation) to ask Jesus into your life!

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